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Gutt-R-Done Seamless Gutters in Glastonbury Connecticut

Seamless Gutters Installed in Glastonbury by Gutt-R-Done

Why should I have new gutters installed on my home in Glastonbury?

Gutters prevent water from flowing off the roof and over entrances to the home. They keep people dry as they enter and leave the home. Even a light rainfall can create a sheet of water that runs off the edge of the roof.

In any structure, keeping the ground surrounding the foundation as dry as possible is critical. Wet dirt surrounding the foundation can lead to severe structural problems. Gutters help control this problem by taking rain water that falls on the roof and draining it away from the foundation Over time, the water will find its way down and through the foundation walls due to hydrostatic pressure. The result is cracks in basement walls and eventually flooding in the basement. Even without cracks, sitting water can soak through the basement wall and result in a buckled foundation and costly repairs. Water sitting near a foundation wall eventually works its way under the foundation, causing it to settle. The walls on the settled part of the foundation can then separate from the rest of the house.

Glastonbury Houses without gutters are more likely to experience wood rot on the fascia and soffit as water exiting the roof finds openings in the paint and flashing.

Properly installed and maintained gutters keep water away from wood and funnel it to the ground or storm water system. They also keep your house clean, without gutters the soil below splashes up all over your home.

I'm in Glastonbury. Should I attempt to install my own gutters?

Do-it-yourself kits are available for gutters that let you do the work. According to, the price of doing the work yourself may be about the same as having a professional do the job. (also, we will use a higher quality material then you can purchase at a home improvement store in or nearby Glastonbury) So why take all day or days when we could have it done in hours. We will also provide a warranty, if something isn't right we'll fix it at no charge to you!